Copy Is Our Business

Writing It. Editing It. Proofing It.
Organizing It. Designing It.
Strategizing its intent. Maximizing its impact.

If It’s Printed, Published, or Posted, We’ll Make It Perfect!

Bookmarker provides any and all services having to do with the written word — that is, we write, edit, proofread, format, and present absolutely anything composed in the English language. Along the way, we optimally construct content, we fact-check to ensure accuracy, and we devise layouts that are both eye-catching and effective.

For any kind of client on all types of jobs, we help you solidify your branding, spotlight your messaging, and produce flawless customer-facing deliverables. Whether your project is a 250-page book or a 250-character tweet, a half-page ad or a full-length manual, a colorful one-page flyer or a crucial annual report, we make sure that the finished product is free of typos, punctuation mistakes, grammatical gaffes, syntactical errors, inconsistencies, and redundancies. We’re language experts, so it’s our job to bring your materials to an expert level. We look good when you look good.

Specializing in Bringing the Personal into the Professional


What You Get with Bookmarker That You Don’t Get Elsewhere

  • A full-service company qualified to fulfill all your editorial needs
  • More than 20 years of experience crafting & perfecting personalized copy
  • A minimum of two “passes,” or read-throughs, on all projects
  • Incorporation of editorial queries, ensuring that you have the final say over the finished product
  • Expert-caliber language expertise
  • Adherence to your chosen style guide
  • Project style sheet delivered with your completed job
  • Personalized, one-on-one service
  • Highly competitive rates & guaranteed deadlines


Our rates vary per project — depending on the specific tasks requested, the required deadline, and the level of complexity involved — so please call for an on-the-spot estimate for your particular job. Bookmarker fees conform with industry standards, can be quoted by the hour or by the project, and are negotiable based on customer need and volume of work.


Like any reputable freelance business, Bookmarker must work on a first-come, first-served basis. So although immediate availability isn’t always possible, we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and we accept only jobs we know we can deliver by your deadline. Even if you’re not quite sure when (or if) you’ll be ready to hand off a job, it is to your advantage to call and inquire about available time slots. We can “pencil in” your job’s ETA, understanding the need for flexibility and the reality of unexpected time shifts.