The Words of Others About Bookmarker’s Words

Emily Reynolds Bergh
Founder, R Public Relations Firm

“Cindy is one of the very best writers and editors I have worked with in the 15 years of owning my company. She is timely, goes above and beyond, and never misses a beat. I am honored to be on her list of clients and hope she continues to grow with us as we continue growing with her and her excellence.”

Theresa Grant
Chief Program Development Officer, TalkPath Live

“Cindy Nixon possesses that unique skill of capturing the meaning or message someone wants to convey, improving upon it exponentially, and then transferring that once-vague intention onto the page. She will craft a perfect piece that fully reflects your vision — and she will not stop until you are 100% satisfied. I’ve witnessed this talent time and again on marketing collateral and PowerPoints for my company, and we have never, ever been disappointed. In terms of copyediting, I have never met a person with such incredible attention for detail. Her ability to examine a piece and find the slightest of errors is amazing!”

Anthony Santorelli
Principal, TRG Equities

“I recently had the pleasure to work with Cindy Nixon of Bookmarker Editorial Services on both the brochure and website for one of my companies. After talking with me about what I wanted, what I felt was still missing, she took my copy to a whole new level with equal parts artistry and accuracy. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge of writing and editing, amazed by her nuanced ear and attention to detail, and grateful for her oversight of the production process. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her again and seeing how she’ll continue to boost my brand and make my business shine.”

Kristi Bookman
Executive Assistant, University of Washington

Susan Schroeder
Director of Marketing & Communications, Kimochis/Plushy-Feely Corp.

“Cindy Nixon is hands-down the most thorough copyeditor and proofreader I have worked with in a very long time. With a background in publishing, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented people, and Cindy is on my list of go-to professionals I can count on. When a new project comes in, I feel confident that I have an incredibly detailed editorial professional who can help through all stages of the creative process. Cindy is flexible, gives clear and frequent progress updates and feedback, and keeps a detailed text style guide along with a running list of questions that we can address in chunks rather than piecemeal. I always feel as though we are working side-by-side even when we are not in the same room. To top it off, Cindy is a genuinely kind, positive, fun, and funny person bubbling over with tons of enthusiastic energy. I love working with her and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Greg Marancik
Chief Academic Officer, Premier Education Partners

“I’ve used Bookmarker Editorial Services for many years now whenever I want my print materials to be meticulously crafted, expertly written, and entirely error-free. The designs are always fresh and creative, the presentation is always crisp and clean, and the text is always, always flawless. I would highly recommend Bookmarker to anyone who’s looking for incredibly skilled, experienced, and dependable freelance editorial work. In my experience, there’s nobody better!”

Jeffrey C. Seshun
Seshco Enterprises, LLC

“On multiple occasions, I’ve had reason to call on Cindy Nixon of Bookmarker Editorial Services to help me refine some company materials, and on each occasion, she knocked it out of the park. I couldn’t believe the things she found in my documents, the way she polished them and reordered text so logically and purposefully, the attention she paid to each and every detail. Nothing gets past her eagle eye — and she has a very astute eye for layout and design too. If you want your external communications to shine with clarity, precision, and language expertise, call on Cindy.”

Jill Kristal, Ph.D.
President, Transitional Learning Curves

“I was introduced to Cindy about a year ago when she was the editor for a piece I was co-writing for a larger company. This summer when it came time for me to have someone edit the new website I was creating, I went right to Cindy. She is terrific to work with in every way. She is a good communicator, so you know what to expect and when. If she finds something will take more or less time than she anticipated, you know up front. She really listens to your goals and ideas and works to edit in the style of the audience you are writing/creating for. She not only edits words and grammar but Cindy also gave input on the look of my site and made some design edits that the developer missed. She is prompt and worked with my shifting time-frames. Cindy was enjoyable to work with, a true professional who has allowed my work to be polished in a way I could not have achieved myself. I recommend her highly!”

Van Rowell
President / Owner, Vandiver Corp Inc. / Trailblaze Adventure LLC

“Cindy provided exceptional service with very little notice on a presentation I’d prepared that was very important to my business. When I delivered the job, frankly, it was the equivalent of a finger-painting. When she returned it with her edits and corrections, it was clear and coherent, worthy of being put on display. She made a mundane document seem interesting without losing any of the import or meaning of my text. Additionally, her turn-around time was outstanding, with very reasonable rates. I would recommend Bookmarker Editorial Services to anyone who needs to capture, impress, or sell an audience.”

Adrian Pellew
Managing Director, TalkPath Live

Cheryl Turkington
Assistant Archivist, North Jersey History Center, Morristown & Morris Township Library

“Not sure how Cindy does it; all I know is that she does it very well. Her editorial efforts gave us confidence and peace of mind in our final product. Along with the meticulous line by line copyediting, Cindy offered smart, simple suggestions that truly improved both the organization and content of the manuscript. She willingly worked within our slim budget and was always gracious and professional despite a few curves we threw her way. A true pleasure from start to finish.”

Deacon Jim McFadden
Author, Salvation History: God’s Rescue Operation

“It takes a lot of hard work to bring a book to fruition, and my interaction with Cindy Nixon of Bookmarker Editorial Services took my manuscript to the next level. Her attention to detail was impeccable; moreover, she offered alternatives to word choice, phrasing, and sequencing. While Cindy was razor-sharp regarding copyediting, she maintained my voice while still bringing about a more polished final product. Cindy Nixon is like a premier athlete, who makes everyone around her better.”

Roberta Biese
Owner, RWS Consulting

“Cindy and I met at a Chamber networking function and I’m so glad we did! She is now writing for me, and she does a great job. Her work is well researched, thorough, and grammatically correct. And I appreciate her attention to deadlines. Cindy takes her work very seriously and she’s a joy to work with.”

A. Tana Kantor
Owner, The Clear Canopy, LLC

“Every project you have worked on has been dramatically better. I think of [using] you all the time … and adjusting my clients’ scheduling so that I can work with you more often. It’s just not good enough to use anyone else. And you can quote me on that!”

Judith Mumford-Guerry
Owner, Mumford Design, LLC

“I truly never feel comfortable sending out any job without Bookmarker’s green light. At that point, I feel confident that our project is error-free. Bookmarker Editorial Services makes Mumford Design look good.”

Jim Strain

“Searching for a freelance professional editor can be a daunting task, and I thank my lucky stars I found Cindy Nixon. Her experience, professionalism, and sensitivity were apparent in our first telephone conversation, and her sample edit confirmed that I was in excellent hands. But I was doubly impressed when she delivered the final edited manuscript for my review complete with notations, explanations, and a style sheet tailored to my novel. Her editing was thorough, precise, and extremely respectful of the material. I’ve found her incredibly supportive and her comments consistently constructive and thoughtful. What a wonderful collaborator! I’d recommend her to any writer in a heartbeat and look forward to an opportunity to work with her again.”

Beverly Knauer
Author, Wise Words Press

“Cindy Nixon of Bookmarker Editorial Services is an incredibly talented professional. I thought she was a copy editor, but she’s really an alchemist who can transmute lead into gold. Her attention to detail thoroughly amazed me, and she displayed the most astonishing skills — brilliantly buffing, polishing, and making things shiny. Thank you for making my manuscript more accurate, cleaner, and tighter.”

Kimberly Small, M.A., M.S.
Outreach Director, Sierra Schools & Academies of California

“You are simply awesome! Thanks for working so hard for us. We really appreciate all that you are doing for us — taking our region to new heights with your amazing talents.”

Michele Wahlder
Author, Life/Career Coach & Owner, Life Possibilities, LLC

“Cindy Nixon is a joy to work with and an editor extraordinaire! She gives a comprehensive and thorough edit. With her ‘eagle eyes,’ she found errors in and made revisions to my manuscript that improved the quality dramatically. I trust and count on Bookmarker Editorial Services to bring my writing projects to their highest level.”

LeighAnn Caruso
Territory Manager, XTRATUF

Mary Ellen Carey
President, Cyberwards Corp.

“I have just reviewed your last job for me and was very pleased to read through your comments. As usual, you have done an outstanding job … and I was pleasantly surprised by the total on your invoice — a bargain, considering the extremely high quality of the edit. … You can count on more work from me in the future.”

Carrie Spies
Chief School Director, Northern Maryland Region, Specialized Education Services, Inc.

“Our marketing piece was just delivered, and everything looks so amazing! From the brochure itself, to the collateral materials, to the individually designed inserts — the project all came together so beautifully thanks to your vision, supervision, and exceptional copywriting skills. The staff, students, and directors are so impressed! I can’t wait to start circulating the piece within our market. Thank you so much!”

Pat Relyea
Vice President/Creative Director, ENA Marketing/Advertising

“On behalf of all the people responsible for the quality of work ENA produces, I’d like to thank you. Your input to some of our most challenging pieces has been invaluable. … [We] adhere to the highest standards of accuracy … there is zero tolerance for errors. Your services have been outstanding, especially for our scientific materials with their extensive referencing and footnoting requirements. You’ve risen to every task we’ve given you. We hope that the relationship between our companies continues for years to come. You have been a pleasure to work with despite our stringent standards and the unusually tight deadlines we’ve often inflicted upon you. Again, thanks for your exceptional work.”

Melanie Wagner
"The Wine Chick," Author & Educator

“Cindy Nixon rocks. She is an extremely talented editor who effortlessly juggles her obsessive perfectionist’s eye for detail and her gift for getting the best expression of subtle artistic nuance from her writer. In addition, she is extremely easy to work with, professional, timely, and upbeat. I can’t say enough good things!”

Kathryn Hansen
Author, Brain over Binge

“When I sent my non-fiction book to Bookmarker Editorial Services, I knew it was in good hands. Cindy Nixon’s knowledge was evident from our first phone conversation, and her copyediting work surpassed my expectations. As a first-time author, I had a lot of questions throughout the project; Cindy was prompt, thorough, and patient in answering them. Her diligence, reliability, flexibility, and enthusiasm made her a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Bookmarker, I felt confident sending my book to print.”

Robert Oleander
Lachina Publishing Services

“I’ve had a chance to look at your edit in detail … and I want to say thank you for a fine job of editing. Many of your seemingly minor efforts … are to me the hallmark of an experienced and professional copy editor. I’ll look to give you more projects in the future.”

Brian F. Hegarty
President, Shark River Cleanup Coalition, Inc.

“I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful work you did … I was very impressed with your skills. Your professionalism and superior writing skills reflected in the outcome of your work for us and I don’t think we could have gotten better service and results anywhere.”

John Harlow
Project Manager, Network Architecture and Development, AT&T

“Cindy’s performance has been outstanding. We can’t think of any negatives or areas for improvement. [Some] attributes come to mind: professional, accurate, expert editor, responsive, assertive, willing to do more. … She educated our team on what a good editor brings to a project [and] went out of her way to reschedule her own time around our project’s [needs and deadlines]. Everything that Cindy does is flawless. We never had to check her work.”

Jean Prince
Technical Writer/Editor, AT&T Technical Publications

“I just reviewed Cindy Nixon’s work on our user’s guides and I was very impressed with her knowledge, thoroughness, and energy. I look forward to working with her. I think she will be a great help in providing a professional touch to all the books she edits for us.”

William E. Coles
Author, Compass in the Blood: The Secret Diary of Katherine Soffel

“I’ve just finished going through the manuscript of my novel, which you copyedited, and this is just a note to thank you for the best job I have ever seen. I’ve taken 16 or 17 books through print, but never have I worked with anyone whose care and thoughtfulness I’ve admired more. You make me sound like the best me I can imagine. Thank you.”

Anita Swinney
Novelist & Memoirist

“Cindy Nixon is a gifted and talented editor. Her work shines with thoroughness and dedication. She is extremely perceptive and pinpoints what is missing/needed and gives positive suggestions to help the writer fill in the gaps. She gives extraordinary feedback and easy-to-follow directions to guide you in the completion and/or polishing of your work. Her attention to detail is exceptional. … She is professional and quickly grasps the goal of the client. She is clear in asking exactly what is expected of her, then she works toward it, delivering the product in an organized manner. … In a nutshell, Cindy is a delight to work with. She has contributed significantly — hugely significantly — to my project.”

Dorothy Gribbin
Senior Managing Editor, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division

“Just wanted to pass on some nice words from the author: ‘I am completely humbled by my copy editor’s talent.’ Thanks a bunch for your hard work.”

Jeannie Ng
Senior Managing Editor, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division

“I just wanted to send you a thank-you for the fantastic job you did. We all appreciate your meticulous work and are in your debt for a speedy, great job done. THANKS!”

Gia Hamilton
Senior Production Editor, Lynne Rienner Publishers

“What a comfort your editing skill is for me. … Tomorrow I leave on vacation and I am able to do this so much more easily because of the quality of your work on the latest manuscript you copyedited for us.”

Mary C. Hack
Production Editor, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

“You are worth your weight in gold. … I truly didn’t appreciate how much time this [project] needed until I saw what you did for it. Furthermore, I have never seen such a complete style sheet, nor such comprehensive [information] for the author. … [You went] above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for all your efforts! The author told me she was — and I quote — ‘mightily impressed!’ I heartily second that motion.”

Brad Listi
Author, Attention. Deficit. Disorder.

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did copyediting my novel. I realize it must have been a time-consuming job, and it is clear by your commentary that you put an extraordinary amount of work into it. As a writer, this comes as a blessing, because I feel as though you’ve helped me make my book better. Thank you so much!”

Lisa A. Gallagher
San Rafael, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous work on putting together my resume and cover letters. You have a wonderful way with words. … I am extremely pleased and impressed with your work, your skills, your true talent. Thank you for bringing out the very best of me with your superb writing ability.”

Eugene Taylor
Author, The Ice Finders

“I am pleased by the hard, good work done here. I have seen all sorts of copyediting jobs, but this one was highly sensitive and careful. It has made a real contribution to the book.”

Donald Goldsmith
Author, The Runaway Universe

“The copy editor, Cindy Nixon, has done an excellent job, making mine much easier and highlighting my organizational mistakes. … Let me say that I am impressed by Cindy’s knowledge and abilities, and I therefore don’t insist on contradicting her!”

Joan L. Piper
Author, The Government Cover-up of the Black Hawk Incident and the Friendly-Fire Death of Lt. Laura Piper

“My sincere appreciation to … Cindy Nixon, copy editor, for [her] excellent work editing this manuscript filled with airplanes, military and legal terms, and so many acronyms.”

Mordechai Gordon
Editor, Renewing Our Common World: Essays on Hannah Arendt and Education

“I have now had a chance to complete reviewing the copyedited manuscript of my book. Having carefully read the entire book, I would like to emphasize that I think the copy editor did an excellent job in editing the book! I believe the book is much clearer, stronger, and more accessible now. Please extend my deepest gratitude to the copy editor.”

Radu Ioanid
Author, The Holocaust in Romania

“Cindy Nixon brought a special commitment to the expert editing of [this] manuscript.”

Professor Harry H. Bash
Department of Sociology, University of Missouri in St. Louis

“In particular, I wish to thank Ms. Cindy B. Nixon: The editorial treatment accorded my manuscript was, by any measure, meticulous: it reflected, on the one hand, an astute and intelligent reading of the themes I tried to develop — thus permitting an editorial penetration and unmuddling of my often-convoluted mode of expression; while, on the other hand, it was comparably laudable for its punctilious attention to details of stylistic convention. Any flaws the book may be deemed to have can hardly be attributed to Ms. Nixon’s domain.”

Professor Roger Chickering
German & European Studies, Georgetown University

“The father wishes to extend his best thanks to the midwife. You have produced a splendid volume, of which I am very proud indeed. Thank you once again for all your efforts on my behalf. I look forward to working with you again.”

Professor Jan Jagodzinski
Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta, Edmonton

“Thank you for your careful reading. Yours must be a very difficult job, something I could never do as well as the quality and attention of your inquiries and editing indicate.”

Professors James Sumberg and Christine Okali
Authors, Farmers' Experiments: Creating Local Knowledge

“First of all, we want to indicate that we are very pleased with the copyediting. It is clear that the editor went about this task with considerable care and attention. Please thank her for us.”

Professor B. Marie Perinbam
Department of History, University of Maryland at College Park

“Thank you very much for the wonderful job of copyediting the manuscript. I am astonished at your attention to detail! … I gave your name to an associate. … Thank you again for your wonderful work.”

Professor Creel Froman
School of Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine

“It has been a real treat working with you — your work has been exemplary. I am, of course, looking forward to seeing my volume and, thanks to your very professional and caring work, it will be beautiful.”

Professor Fred Moseley
Department of Political Science, Mount Holyoke College

“I would like to thank the production staff for bringing our book to publication, most notably Cindy Nixon for her excellent editorial work and enthusiasm.”

Marilyn Vogt-Downey
Author & Translator, The USSR, 1987–1991

“I’m especially grateful to Cindy Nixon, who never lost patience with me and whose knowledge and experience turned my rough, complicated, translated manuscript into such an attractive volume.”

Prof. Dr. A. Kraus
Psychiatric Clinic, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany

“I don’t know who has done this hard work of correcting and retranslating my manuscript. In any case I would like to thank the editor very much for his or her great efforts.”

Professor Ann Adelman
NYU School of Continuing Education, Publishing Program

“Ms. Nixon shows a great capacity for hard work, a great eagerness to learn, and a distinct flair for editing; in addition, she already has solid production knowledge. She struck me as extraordinary … someone who will go far in publishing. I recommend her work most highly.”

Judith Camlin
Executive Vice President, Humanities Press International, Inc.

“No letter of recommendation could do justice to the valuable contributions Cindy has made to Humanities Press. … She is articulate, extremely skilled in proofreading and copyediting, … and always displays an unprecedented thoroughness and willingness to tackle complex tasks. She brings to her work a steady and inquisitive mind, wide knowledge, and determination. … She is a person of great ability and would be a tremendous asset to any publishing company lucky enough to work with her.”

Keith Ashfield
President & Publisher, Humanities Press International, Inc.

“I first encountered Ms. Nixon in the form of a letter she wrote to us seeking work. I was so impressed with the research she had done before approaching us that I interviewed her myself. She subsequently confirmed my impression. … She is one of the brightest and most attentive editors I have ever encountered. She has a quickness of intellect, power of concentration and determination to succeed which are all remarkable. … I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending her.”