“I was introduced to Cindy about a year ago when she was the editor for a piece I was co-writing for a larger company. This summer when it came time for me to have someone edit the new website I was creating, I went right to Cindy. She is terrific to work with in every way. She is a good communicator, so you know what to expect and when. If she finds something will take more or less time than she anticipated, you know up front. She really listens to your goals and ideas and works to edit in the style of the audience you are writing/creating for. She not only edits words and grammar but Cindy also gave input on the look of my site and made some design edits that the developer missed. She is prompt and worked with my shifting time-frames. Cindy was enjoyable to work with, a true professional who has allowed my work to be polished in a way I could not have achieved myself. I recommend her highly!”